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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 30 1999 3:51pm
Subject:MYSQL error? (fwd)
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>>>>> "Claudia" == Claudia M Castaneda <claudia@stripped>
> writes:

Claudia> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Claudia> Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 09:59:49 -0400
Claudia> From: Gyorgy Fekete <gyuri@stripped>
Claudia> To: bane@stripped, claudia@stripped
Claudia> Subject: MYSQL error?

Claudia> In case anyone cares...

Claudia>   In mysql documentation (Node: mysql_fetch_field_direct)
Claudia>   the example given:

Claudia> 	MYSQL_FIELD *field;
Claudia> 	field = mysql_fetch_field_direct(result, i);

Claudia>   is wrong. It should be:

Claudia> 	field = &mysql_fetch_field_direct(res, ui);
Claudia>   --------------^----------------
Claudia> The docs give the prototype 
Claudia> MYSQL_FIELD *mysql_fetch_field_direct(MYSQL_RES *result, unsigned int
> fieldnr)
Claudia> which *SEEMS* correct, but the mysql.h file revelas that this function is 
Claudia> really a macro, therefore the type checking is weak. Discovery of this error
Claudia> came from the compiler message:

Claudia>     mt.c: In function `main':
Claudia>     mt.c:53: incompatible types in assignment
Claudia>     make: *** [mt.o] Error 1

Claudia> for the line

Claudia>     field = mysql_fetch_field_direct(res, ui); // res, ui are as approrpiate

Claudia> I changed it to:

Claudia>     field = &mysql_fetch_field_direct(res, ui); 

Claudia> and everything was fine.


The bug is actually in mysql.h;  I have now added & to the macro to
return a pointer.

This is compatible with MySQL 3.23, where everything is functions.
This change was done because it makes the library
much safer against version changes!


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