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From:DL Neil Date:October 22 2001 4:48pm
Subject:Re: MyISAM API
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> > Sinisa,
> >
> > On behalf of those of us who take advantage of the 'ready made' versions (eg my
> Win download) [or who should not be
> > allowed near naked flames, C compilers, or buttons marked "Do NOT press"], could
> these examples of 'internal
> > documentation' be reproduced and made available on a suitable website please?
> >
> It is actually publicly available in our BitKeeper repository.

... went to and failed to find that term, but a search took me to the manual
page - and the very first
thing it said:
2.3.4 Installing from the Development Source Tree

CAUTION: You should read this section only if you are interested in helping us test our
new code. If you just want to
get MySQL up and running on your system, you should use a standard release distribution
(either a source or binary
distribution will do).

Are the documentation files available outside of the developers' arena, for those people
who would like to investigate
without actually downloading (Bitkeeper and) the source code?

Please advise,

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