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From:Martin Edelius Date:July 30 1999 1:52pm
Subject:SV: SV: Are there any text indexers available?
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>How is the actual indexing done? Is it a plug-in of some sort? A full
table scan
>will not do the trick.

Umm... You assign an index to the column in your table, "create table
table_one (column_one char(80), index column_one);" and MySQL then uses
that index. You don't need a plug-in. How the MySQL server uses the
created index file I have no clue about, perhaps one of the developers
can help you out there.

>(Excuse my ignorance. I am new at MySQL)

You're excused. 8)

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SV: SV: Are there any text indexers available?Martin Edelius30 Jul