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From:Jonathan A. Zdziarski Date:March 24 1999 1:43pm
Subject:Re: mySQL ODBC Emulator
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THis would be useful IMHO for all the platforms out there that do not
currently have a MySQL ODBC Driver (for example macintosh).  It will also
allow other programs written specifically for Microsoft SQL or Oracle to
run with mySQL

On Wed, 24 Mar
1999, Michael Widenius wrote:

> >>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan A Zdziarski <jonz@stripped>
> writes:
> Jonathan> Has anybody considered attacking the problem of ODBC from the server
> Jonathan> perspective?  I would like to dabble at the idea of running a program
> on
> Jonathan> the server that listened on a particular port and emulated some
> Jonathan> widely-supported ODBC driver (for example oracle or a MS SQL server) by
> Jonathan> translating the queries and passing them onto the database.
> Jonathan> If anyone is interested in looking into this with me, please email me.
> Jonathan> Thank you,
> Jonathan> Jonathan A. Zdziarski
> Jonathan> Sr. Systems Administrator
> Jonathan> Netrail, inc. 
> Jonathan> 888.NET.RAIL x240
> Hi!
> For what do you intend to use the above ?  (no offense, just curious)
> For example with MySQL, all ODBC translation is done in the MySQL
> server...
> Regards,
> Monty

Thank you,

Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Sr. Systems Administrator
Netrail, inc. 
888.NET.RAIL x240

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