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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 30 1999 1:59am
Subject:Re: MyODBC question
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Carter <peterc@stripped> writes:

Peter> At 03:45 PM 7/29/99 +0300, you wrote:
>>>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Pogach <Manuel.Pogach@stripped>
> writes:
Manuel> First off I would like to thank you for creating MySQL.  It lives
Peter> up to its
Manuel> claims.  And the MyODBC component works very well, almost.  I just
Peter> need to
Manuel> know one thing.  What can I do to make sure my BLOB fields are
Peter> retrieved with
Manuel> the same data that was written to them?  They are saved just fine
Peter> when I
Manuel> assemble the PC file into an SQL insert statement using the escape
Peter> sequence
Manuel> characters, but come out as a series of question marks when
Peter> retrieved.  For
Manuel> the record I am using MySQL 2.21.29 on Windows NT with MyODBC
Peter> 2.50.24.
>> Hi!
>> Could you create a MyODBC trace file that shows this?
>> There is no reason why blobs shouldn't work.
>> Regards,
>> Monty

Peter> Monty, your escape sequences do not work properly when used in the
Peter> rdo/ado/dao world. I think the connector driver (not myodbc) 'double'
Peter> escapes them again. The only real solution I have found to this problem is
Peter> to use the 0xhhhh format when issuing an update statement.

This doesn't sound right....

Any ODBC application has two ways to execute a query:

Through a full SQL statement;  In this case the applications must
handle the escaping and MyODBC doesn't touch this.

Through parameters (or placeholders);  In this case MyODBC handles the

Can you mail me a part of a MyODBC trace file that shows this?