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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 29 1999 11:03pm
Subject:Maximum of 16 indexes per table
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>>>>> "Ralph" == Ralph Graulich <graulich@stripped> writes:

Ralph> Hi all,
Ralph> i have a larger database of which one specific table consists of


Ralph> The problem which occurs is concerning the speed. The table needs to be
Ralph> sorted for the web often on different fields. To speed the things up I
Ralph> generated indexes on most of the fields. But however I can only make up to
Ralph> 16 indexes in one table.

You can always upgrade to MySQL 3.23;  The new MyISAM can handle 32
indexes per table.

(The maximum number of keys are 32 because MyISAM uses a bitmap in a
'long' to check which keys are in use)

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