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From:tony.icuc Date:October 12 2001 10:12pm
Subject:Fwd: how to speed up insertion?
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Excellent suggestion made regarding bulk loads, one that I know I'll use.   

As far as hardware goes, I've found (an empty wallet, and) incredible speed 
with Compaq DL360, dual Ghz processors, 4Gb mem, 15k RPM, 18.2 Gb UltraSCSI 3 
hot-pluggable drives with RH7.1.  Small enough to partition as multple disks, 
yet big enough to hold much data....and blazingly fast!  Compaq has a new 2u 
screamer, the so-called 'DL360G' I believe.  I have not had the opportunity 
to mess with it, but it raises the max mem to 6Gb and can house 6 hotplug 
drives vs. the 1u DL360's 2.   So a about a 100Gb (or 80Gb in a RAID 5), on a 
screamer box, in just 3.5 inches tall.  Good for the rack real estate, 
particularly if you co-lo.

The drives are roughly $800 each.  Not cheap, but how important is your data? 
Casual interest, hit eBay.  Corporate, mission-critical whizbang app, then 
perhaps you justify it.  I did.  The Compaq hardware, again not cheap.  If 
you have to please some Fortune 500 exec(s) or shareholders you may find it a 
good deal if you consider the hardware integration, management tools, etc.

You get what you pay for (assuming that Carly and Michael don't screw this 
up)...and, or course you'll pay for what you get, dearly.


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Subject: how to speed up insertion?
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 12:19:02 +0800
From: "Z Julian" <julianhp66@stripped>
To: mysql@stripped

 I want mysql to do some arduous jobs. I want it to do high speed and big
amount insertion. Can any one tell me how fast insertion mysql can do with
an average entry length of about 50 bytes.(PIII 700,256M,IDE 5400rps)
 Is there some suggestions about tunning mysql runtime variables so that
mysql can do insertion more quickly?
 Also, any suggestions about upgraging hardwares to improve insertion speed
is welcome!
 Thank you very much. :)


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