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From:Gerald Clark Date:October 10 2001 7:50pm
Subject:Re: errcode 13:
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You probably moved the databases while logged in as root.
mysql needs to own the files.

chown -R mysql /var/lib/mysql
( or whatever your data path is )

Dan Uyemura wrote:

> "Error on rename of .\DATABASENAME\TABLENAME.MYI to
> ..\DATABASENAME\#sql2-d00-b.myi"
> Has anyone seen this errcode pop up on them when trying to alter a table?  I
> have recently moved databases from one server to another, and ever since
> doing so, I have been seeing this error pop up intermittantly.  I think it
> is what is causing my tables to become corrupted, and thus my web site
> (which is heavily reliant on the DB) to continually go down.  The error I
> end up getting on the site is usually the following:
> [TCX][MyODBC]Can't open file: 'members.MYD'. (errno: 145)
> Although sometimes I get the errno: 127 (corrupt table) message.
> One thing I have noticed is whenever I try to do an alter and it results in
> the errcode 13, my table ends up with the message "XX clients is using or
> hasn't closed the table properly" and it tells me that the table is usable,
> but should be repaired when I do a myisamchk on the table.  Once it has
> gotten to this state, sooner or later, it will die on the site, but not
> immediately.
> What is odd is I get this error when I try to alter a table, however, I
> think somehow the users on the site are triggering it to happen, and the
> site only does transactions, there is no altering of the tables involved
> from the site.
> If anyone could assist, it would be GREATLY appreciated.  This has been
> causing myself and my boss much agony and sleepless nights, as it seems to
> conveniently die at 4AM :)
> Dan Uyemura
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Gerald L. Clark

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