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From:Colin McKinnon Date:July 29 1999 3:30pm
Subject:Re: linux suitability -- mysql
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At 20:39 29/07/99 +1000, jonathan michaels wrote:
>thier will be two hardware platforms, a server based on i386dx33 
>(with onboard intel 33 mhz 80387) an esdi controller and hard 
>disk and 8 mb of 60 ns DIP style dram. a client machine will 
>be a pentium pro 180 mhz with aha2940uw, pair of scsi3 4g3 
>harddisks, this machine has 256 mb dram. both platforms will be 
>running text consoles, both currently run freebsd 
>v2.2.5-release, both will be dual boot (using the os/2 boot 
>manager), both will be talking to each over ethernet (smc based 
>cards at 10 mbit).

Seems a very back to front way of doing things (unless you're talking
X-window terminology here) - normally the server is the big fast machine.
Using the 386 as the server will probably be a lot slower than running both
client and server on the Pentium.


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