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From:Richard Reina Date:October 10 2001 7:08pm
Subject:Non grapical user interfaces.
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I have a small business ( 2 employees ) and use perl->DBI->MySQL 
database for everything to order entry to book keeping.  All pcs 
including the clients run linux.  Todate I have been using a perl module 
called perlmenu as an user interface, it runs on top of curses.  I have 
had a few problems with perlmenu as of late and am concerned because it 
has not been updated in four years -- hence it may not even work when 
perl6 comes out.   Does anyone have any experience with NON - graphical 
UIs.  That can run in linux console mode.  Something that I can create 
templates ( allow user's to enter and modify data ) with and basic menus 
that allow users to chose between a few options.

Someone on my perl list mentioned Cdk but I can't even get it installed 
on Redhat and I can't find anyone who actually uses it.  

Any ideas?


Non grapical user interfaces.Richard Reina10 Oct