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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 24 1999 12:46pm
Subject:mySQL ODBC Emulator
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>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan A Zdziarski <jonz@stripped> writes:

Jonathan> Has anybody considered attacking the problem of ODBC from the server
Jonathan> perspective?  I would like to dabble at the idea of running a program on
Jonathan> the server that listened on a particular port and emulated some
Jonathan> widely-supported ODBC driver (for example oracle or a MS SQL server) by
Jonathan> translating the queries and passing them onto the database.

Jonathan> If anyone is interested in looking into this with me, please email me.

Jonathan> Thank you,

Jonathan> Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Jonathan> Sr. Systems Administrator
Jonathan> Netrail, inc. 
Jonathan> 888.NET.RAIL x240


For what do you intend to use the above ?  (no offense, just curious)

For example with MySQL, all ODBC translation is done in the MySQL

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