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From:jonathan michaels Date:July 29 1999 10:39am
Subject:linux suitability -- mysql
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any caldera openlinux users, please...

i am about to try out a new low load deaktop, caldera openlinux 
v2.2. i was wondering if anyone has has run mysql (client or 
server) on the caldera offering(s).

thier will be two hardware platforms, a server based on i386dx33 
(with onboard intel 33 mhz 80387) an esdi controller and hard 
disk and 8 mb of 60 ns DIP style dram. a client machine will 
be a pentium pro 180 mhz with aha2940uw, pair of scsi3 4g3 
harddisks, this machine has 256 mb dram. both platforms will be 
running text consoles, both currently run freebsd 
v2.2.5-release, both will be dual boot (using the os/2 boot 
manager), both will be talking to each over ethernet (smc based 
cards at 10 mbit).

any gotchas, whatchouts, don't_do_thats or thats_plain_silly 
will be apreciated. i used to play develop on linux while it 
was at kernel v0.91.?? someting or other, i gather it has 
changed a bit since then.



please, i'm not looking fro one linux is better than another, 
or why linux is not as good as freebsd and or os/2. they all 
have thier place. i'm looking at using caldera openlinux as a 
stable and reliable desktop and wondering how it will cope with 
mysql, and, what sort of experinces people have had using it in 
'real world' (TM) situations.

Jonathan Michaels
PO Box 144, Rosebery, NSW 1445 Australia

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