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From:Dave Greco Date:October 5 2001 6:53pm
Subject:Replication Retries
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I have setup replication between two 3.23.43 servers. Replication is 
working properly during normal circumstances, but when I shutdown mysql on 
the master, the slave never reconnects. An entry is made in the slave's 
error log stating that it will reconnect in 60 seconds, but then if I bring 
the master back up in within 60 seconds, the slave does not reconnect. 
Also, if I do not bring the master back up in 60 seconds, the slave just 
quits. Additionally, I have set master-connect-retry to different values in 
/etc/my.cnf but the entry in the error log always states that it will retry 
in 60 seconds. What is going on here? Does the slave retry feature just not 

Here is my /etc/my.cnf file:


And here are the messages from the error log on the slave:

011005 14:41:01  mysqld started
/usr/local/mysql-3.23.43/libexec/mysqld: ready for connections
011005 14:41:01  Slave: connected to master 
'repl@stripped:3306',  replication started in log master-bin.005' 
at position 73
011005 14:41:15  Slave: received 0 length packet from server, apparent 
master shutdown:  (0)
011005 14:41:15  Slave: Failed reading log event, reconnecting to retry, 
log 'master-bin.006' position 73
011005 14:41:15  Slave thread: error re-connecting to master: , 
last_errno=0, retry in 60 sec
011005 14:42:15  Slave thread killed during or after a reconnect done to 
recover from failed read
011005 14:42:15  Slave thread exiting, replication stopped in log 
master-bin.006' at position 73

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