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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 23 1999 8:13pm
Subject:Progress monitor and outer join sytax
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>>>>> "Fuad" == Fuad Abdallah <abdallah@stripped> writes:

Fuad> Hi,
Fuad> waiting for a query that may take days i wonder if it would be a good idea
Fuad> to extend the "mysaladmin pro" output by something like "percent done" or
Fuad> similar things.

The problem with the above is that it's very hard for MySQL to know
how many rows it has yet to do.

Fuad> A second point is the syntax for outer joins. 
Fuad> Although it is of course not a problem to use the mysql syntax i consider
Fuad> the oracle style syntax using "(+)" to denote tables that will be outer
Fuad> parts of the join much easier to write and to read - perhaps including
Fuad> this as an alternative syntax would not be too much work but (at least in
Fuad> my case ;) a big help.

I shall think about this one...
(It's hard to fix this for the general case, but it's easy to be able
to handle the most normal queries)

Fuad> best Regards,
Fuad> Fuad

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