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From:Thimble Smith Date:July 29 1999 6:05am
Subject:Re: Perl and MySQL
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At 15:57, 19990729, Darren Ward wrote:
>I didn't get a reply so I thought I'd ask again.....
>I installed the latest MySQL on a new Server with Perl 5.005_03 and tried to
>install the Mysql modules but they keep failing as it says DynaLoader can't
>load but the file is there and seems to be ok.
>Any thoughts?

I was hoping someone who knew better would reply.  You might need to just
specify to the loader where it is.  You see, your older perl might not
have been using the shared it didn't need to know where it
was.  You typically will use 'ldconfig -m /path/to/lib/mysql' (as root)
to tell your loader where to find the

Hope this helps.  If it does, you'll want to add that directory to your
initialization files (however appropriate for your OS - check the man
page for ldconfig,, ld; check the startup scripts in /etc).

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