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From:Van Date:July 29 1999 3:50am
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A lot of people here will probably think I'm pretty stupid for trying
this, but, I did and succeeded, so I feel obligated to share this. runs a database under every page that hits it (albeit slow
traffic, but, every 5 minutes, or so, a page gets hit).  He takes around
700-1000 gets a day.

I've been tasked with porting a FoxPro 5.0 dbase to Access, and putting
some hooks into it to upload data to an MySQL server for a recruiting
firm.  I need the ODBC drivers, but, has been running
3.22.19 for about 6 months, and, doesn't crash, so, I haven't done much
with it.  He's running Slackware 3.6 on kernel 2.0.36, and allows the
other 3 machines I own to surf the net.  He does more, but, that's not
relevant.  For the curious, I took a hard-drive to work and dnloaded
Slackware 4.0 to it and burned it to CD as a bootable.

I need ODBC, but, it's been 6 months since I've dealt with dedserius'
MySQL implementation and I blew away his source for it, so, I can't
link.  So, I dnloaded 3.22.24 to recompile and hopefully implement the
new dbase engine on the fly.  BTW, it worked, but, I had to do an
isamchk on my active dbases.  No big deal.

Killer point:  after about an hour (had to compile, etc, and, it's a
P166 with 64 Meg and runs my mail, web, router, etc.) and, now, He's
upgraded and I can plug the ODBC into him to get the rest of my project
done.  Uptime is 78 days.  MySQL is 3.22.24.  Was 3.22.19.  

I wouldn't do this on a heavy traffic site, but, this can be done. 
Probably very little utility in this fact, but, I thought I'd share it
with you all.  I'm quite impressed.  BTW, I also had to upgrade ncurses,
egcs, and termcap, but, these are all exercises for the
deranged,anyway.  >:)  

Linux rocks!!!
UpgradeVan29 Jul