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From:denis mercier Date:October 2 2001 2:21pm
Subject:what is the security issue with dynamic format?
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I am presently going over the mysql documentation to get familiar with
It runs great  on my development server (linux RH7.1 kernel=2.4.2-2
resin application server),
I am in the process of optimizing and testing , I am using blob datatype
in my main table,
I understand why a fixed-size format is faster, but why is it more
I must use the dynamic format because of blobs, what are the security
issues in using
this format?

clip from

MySQL row types (only relevant for ISAM/MyISAM tables)

       MySQL will create the table in fixed size table format if all
columns are of fixed length format (no VARCHAR, BLOB or TEXT columns).
If not, the
       table is created in dynamic-size format.
       Fixed-size format is much faster and more secure than the dynamic
       The dynamic-size row format normally takes up less space but may
be fragmented over time if the table is updated a lot.
       In some cases it's worth it to move all VARCHAR, BLOB and TEXT
columns to another table just to get more speed on the main table.
       With myisampack (pack_isam for ISAM) one can create a read-only,
packed table. This minimizes disk usage which is very nice when using
       slow disks. The packed tables are perfect to use on log tables
which one will not update anymore.

Any comments would be appreciated

what is the security issue with dynamic format?denis mercier2 Oct
  • Re: what is the security issue with dynamic format?Dan Nelson2 Oct