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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 28 2001 1:53am
Subject:Re: Doing queries using field labels as criteria
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At 9:20 AM +0300 9/27/01, Jari Mäkelä wrote:
>Is it possible to search with LIKE for a field name? I have database 
>that has various data and the field names are named by the language 
>it is aimed for.
>So can MySQL be used to search that field list for all fields having 
>specific string in them and then selecting all data pertinent to the 
>found fields?

You can't do it in pure SQL.  You could write a program that does


to get the table names, then


to get the column names for each table.  From that you can derive the
column names you want to search.

>jari Mäkelä
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