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From:Cyril Godefroy Date:March 24 1999 8:37am
Subject:SELECT on a one to many relationship
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Please excuse me if this is a bit off-topic, and point me to the right list.

I'm using MySQL on a web site I'm creating, in conjuncyion with PHP. I love
it. But it's my very first taste of SQL.

One of the areas of the site is a query on ISP in France, and this is where
I have a problem. I created my tables like that:
Provider (ID, Name, Adress, Web, etc)
Package (ID, ProviderID, Price, MonthlyTransfer, OS,...)
Feature (ID, Name, Description)
FeatureToPackage (FeatureID, PackageID)

This way, I know which providers use PHP as a feature, or give Database
Access, or Email aliases, etc. Unfortunately, despite my reading the
documentation, tutorials, I'm still unable to find which providers use PHP
AND databases AND SSL (for example).

Got any tips or URLs to a good recipe? Is there a design error?

Thanks in advance
Cyril Godefroy
Lab Production - CD and web development
105 rue La Fayette - 75010 Paris
Tel     (33) 1 55 07 28 28
Fax    (33) 1 55 07 80 92

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