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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 20 2001 4:21pm
Subject:Re: C API problems
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>Can someone give me a quick *complete* example code of setting up a 
>connection, performing a small query, and reading back the result?

Any of the standard MySQL clients included in the source distribution
that are written in C provide examples.  Some are more brief than others.

Another source of short examples can be found at:

Get the samp_db distribution.

>The docs conflict in a few places as far as how to declare the data types.


>  (in some places, they are pointers, in others they are not).  Also, 
>the examples, sadly, just aren't very good.  And there is no example 
>mysql_use_result().  (the example code uses mysql_store_result())

Which examples aren't good?  Which ones show these discrepancies?

Note that the absence of a * doesn't necessarily mean something
is _not_ a pointer.  It might be a typedef.

>I have tried every combination of pointers and regular datatypes I 
>can think of, but I'm still generating errors on compile.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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