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From:Vivek Khera Date:July 27 1999 7:49pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Scalability
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>>>>> "ME" == Michael Edwards <medwards@stripped> writes:

ME> Who's using MySQL for high-traffic websites? What kind of systems are you
ME> running? How is it scaling? Had any problems?

You need to be more specific as in what you consider "high-traffic"
and what kind of scaling you are looking to do.  It also depends on
how heavily the DB is used on your site.  Is it for every request or
just some specific CGI programs?

We use MySQL for a reasonably high-traffic site and it holds up well.
We have had troubles due to the way MySQL does some things such as
locking the whole table while running a DELETE.  Changing our programs
to work better with MySQL (in this case using DELETE ... LIMIT to make
the queries faster and running it multiple times) have taken care of
these issues.  Once we had the server crash badly enough that a db
restore was needed from tape, but I think that was due to
misconfiguration on our server host provider.  It has been stable
since we got past these initial learning hiccups.  This is a SPARC
Solaris system and almost every request hits the DB for authorization.

On another site, we use MySQL to handle a multi-million row database
with near instant response.  This database is read-only, so we bought
the ISAM compression program and it made a *tremendous* improvement in 
speed.  It easily handles the load we throw at it; the machine barely
goes to 0.4 load averate with MySQL and a full text search server
(500,000+ documents).  It seems to hold up to the load well.  This one 
has *never* crashed. This is an Intel BSD/OS system and very few
requests hit the database, but they are complicated requests.

The key in the web site design is to make the queries fast.  You need
to do this with good schema design and indexes.  But only you (or your
consultant) can decide what those are for your application.

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