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From:Ed Carp Date:March 23 1999 10:19pm
Subject:Re: database backups
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>EC> As for the potential to lose data consistency, see section 5.4 of
>EC> the manual for a related discussion on record locking and
>EC> commit-rollback.  Sections
>EC> 7.23 and 10.10 talk about table locking.
>But if you're copying the database piece by piece without knowledge of
>the applications modifying it, then you will have inconsistencies.
>The application as a whole may not, but the copy may.

Well, I understand that - to do a proper backup, the database must be
quiescent, but if you're running 24/7, you take what you can get :)

Disk mirroring is a much better solution, IMO, but some folks can't afford
the extra expense.

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