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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 13 2001 4:48am
Subject:Re: Designing a recovery plan for MySQL
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In the last episode (Sep 12), adam said:
> I got an idea and thought i would ask around about a recovery plan
> about databases? Currently all i do is dump the databases on to a
> share on an NT box thru a SMB share from the RH 7.1 Linux DB server.
> The NT box is a Compaq CL1850 which is 2 Compaq 1850 server with a
> shared SCSI array. The NT box is backed up on a 6 hour interval. I
> was just wondering any other ideas.

How about simply backing up the mysql server itself, instead of copying
the data over the wire to another machine?  If all you do is inserts,
and can tolerate having to rebuild the indexes on recovery, you don't
even need to take the system down.  Just back up the raw database
files.  If you want a consistent snapshot, you can mysqldump to a local
file which you then back up, or create a slave mysqld for backup
purposes that you shut down during the backup.  That way your main
databse is always active.

	Dan Nelson
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