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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 12 2001 10:12pm
Subject:Re: MySQL on Mac OS X?
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At 10:03 AM +0100 9/12/01, Paul  Groves wrote:
>Has anyone had any experience of running MySQL on Mac OS X? If so, how have
>you found it - is it stable and non-buggy? Also, has anyone had any
>experience of using both MySQL *and* PHP together on Mac OS X? I would be
>very interested to hear anyone's thoughts on this,

I use it on my iBook when I'm travelling and don't have access to MySQL
on my primary servers.  I run it with Perl (DBI), PHP 4, Python (DB-API),
and Java (JDBC).  I think I've gotten Ruby to compile and used the Ruby
MySQL interface a bit, too.  Don't quote me on that. :-)

The one problem is that the server won't shut down properly.  This
is apparently a problem with Apple's thread library or something.
kill -9 works, though.  If you restart Mac OS X, it seems to pause
during shutdown more with mysqld running than when it's not, which I
attribute to the system waiting for mysqld to shut down, and then finally
force killing it.


Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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