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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 12 2001 1:11pm
Subject:Re: Video game programming????
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At 1:31 AM +0530 9/12/01, Nilesh Parmar wrote:
>   I was just browsing thru the site and just happened to read a
>customer review on the MySQL (other new riders) book by Paul DuBios and
>Michael Widenius.
>It has a wierd review from someone which says
>"I was extremely dissapointed to say the least. This book doesn't even begin
>to cover **video game programming in mySQL**, not even the basics. In fact,
>it doesn't cover **video game programming at all**. ..... blah blah ....."
>            The line that caught my attention was the one which are inside
>the ** symbols. Now, this was something new to me.So, i just thought if
>anyone could tell me more on this. What's video game programming got to do
>with MySQL ?? and what does he mean by this. Can anyone enlighten me on this
>Thanx in advance.

Just a follow-up on the various theories that have been posted about
this review.  (It refers to "MySQL" and not "MySQL and Perl for the Web",
by the way.)

Here's the review in its entirety:

>[1 star] Don't waste your time...,
>April 17, 2001 Reviewer: Joey Ramone (see more about me) from Loves Park, IL
>I was extremely dissapointed to say the least. This book doesn't even
>begin to cover video game programming in mySQL, not even the basics. In
>fact, it doesn't cover video game programming at all. The section on
>compiling for DOS must have been lost on the way to the printing
>press... While the plot had substance to it, the ending was 
>predictable and unoriginal...

The review is a satire.  Note who it's "by": Joey Ramone (of The Ramones).
It was posted the day after Joey Ramone died, perhaps as some sort of weird
tribute, and it's deliberately got nothing to do with what the book's
really about.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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