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From:Steve Edberg Date:September 12 2001 11:29am
Subject:Re: mySQL on unix vs ODBC
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At 9:10 AM +0100 9/12/01, Peter Gad wrote:
>Hi everyone !
>We've got a problem:
>running mySQL on unix(sun) we connect a third party
>windows software over ODBC. All is nice until a windows path
>is stored in the db
>Trying to store "C:\Program Files\3p SW\"
>I find that it becomes "C:Program Files3p SW".
>Is it possible, by means of configuration, to have backslashes preserved ?
>Either in ODBC or ... somewhere ?

Backslash is escape character; to store a string containing one, you 
have to double it. For example, use the string

	C:\\Program Files\\3p SW\\

is your INSERT query, and it will show up in your SELECT result as

	C:\Program Files\3p SW\

>3d party software = no code no chance of changes
>ODBC - installed from
>mySQL - 3.23.39 ( 3.23.41 could be used)
>thanx in advance

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