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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 12 2001 4:19am
Subject:Re: @variableName What Version?
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At 8:02 PM -0400 9/11/01, R Talbot wrote:
>I currently use MySQL  3.22.32-log
>I compiled the source code to use with Caldera 2.3..
>Does my version support the use of the @variable syntax..
>When I attempt to use this I get error Error 1064 ..
>I find that this also would not work  set @min_price=min(shop.price);

 From the MySQL Reference Manual:

@appendixsubsec Changes in release 3.23.6

Added patch by Sasha for user-defined variables.

>P.S   What  is the  log   indicate for my version..

Sorry?  Don't understand what you mean.  If you're asking about
the -log at the end of the version string, it means the server is
running with logging enabled.

>Bob T

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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