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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 11 2001 5:36pm
Subject:Re: MySQL and Perl
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>PHP, Perl, Python, etc are all good ways to generate web pages,
>and they all get on with MySQL perfectly well (OK, I've only used
>Perl, but I've heard a lot about PHP and a little about Python).  My
>personal input re Perl v. PHP is that PHP is great for people starting
>CGI stuff if they know HTML first - it lets you create web pages
>and embed bits of programs.  Perl, on the other hand, is better if
>you know programming first, or if you want complete flexibility.
>Also note that the Perl DBI interface means that it is relatively simple
>to move from one database engine to another, but PHP only supports
>a limited number of database engines.

Actually, PHP supports a gazillion different engines.  However, the interface
to each is implemented using a different set of function calls, so PHP
scripts often are less than DBI scripts (or DB-API Python scripts, or JDBC
Java scripts, for that matter). The PEAR DB class for PHP implements an
abstraction layer, though it doesn't have support for as many of the
engines yet.  PHPLIB and MetaBase are other PHP packages that also provide
abstraction layers.

>Lezz Giles
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>>  Hi
>>   I just wanted to know how well MySQL gels with Perl, when compared to
>>  and PHP.
>>  any ideas ??
>>  regards
>  > Nilesh

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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