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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 10 2001 3:49pm
Subject:Re: GEMINI Table Type
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At 9:20 AM -0600 9/10/01, ROGGER ALEXIS VASQUEZ MARTINEZ wrote:
>Hi :
>First of all I've test for a short period MYSQL, I
>think is great ,,, recently I was navigating MYSQL.COM
>and I found and read about the dispute with MYSQL.ORG
>I enter the site to see what it was ...
>I notice they promote a type of table name GEMINI ...
>that support the ACID properties ...
>What I understand is that MYSQL.COM <> MYSQL.ORG, but


>does MYSQL.COM has a table type same as GEMINI ( GEMINI does not complies
>with GPL according
>to what I read)

I think you may be referring to material that predates Gemini's release
under GPL.

>that support the ACID PROPERTIES ( TRANSACTIONS ) (MyIsam, Inodb ?) ...

The distributions available at do not include code for the
Gemini table type.  The MySQL+Gemini distributions at do.

The distributions from both sites also support ISAM, MyISAM, BDB, and
InnoDB table types.  You may have to compile from source with the appropriate
configure flags to enable support for the table types you want to evaluate.

>Sorry if someone already post this Question, and sounds like
>a echo to all of you, but I am really interest in using MYSQL
>to develop a project and I am evaluating it ...
>Thanks a lot

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped