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From:Thimble Smith Date:March 23 1999 8:30pm
Subject:Re: Duplicate Keys.
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Christian, I think he's not talking about the mysql.user table.
I think he's got a his_db.user table that has 'host' and 'user'
fields in it.

Robert, it would be very helpful in the future if you can be more
exact when specifying problems.  It's not possible to have two
primary keys in one table - you can have only one primary key.
I assume you mean a primary key over two fields, e.g.:

    PRIMARY KEY (host, user)

If you need to remove a row, just use DELETE:

    DELETE FROM user WHERE host='some host' AND user='some user'

BUT, if you need to do this regularly then it's quite clear that
your database design is very far from correct, or else your
program is doing a lot of work that is not necessary.

If neither Christian's answer nor mine is sufficient to get you
past your current dilemma, please do write the list again with
a better description of what's going on.  I realize that some of
the terminology can be hard to get a grasp on - when in doubt,
cut and paste commands (and their output) that show exactly what
you're struggling with.  That avoids terminology altogether, it
can be readily duplicated by anyone, etc.


On Tue, Mar 23, 1999 at 09:13:34PM +0100, Christian Mack wrote:
>"Robert D. Lang CEO" wrote:
>>Dear Mysql Users:  I have two primary keys in a mysql table
>>called, " user." They are for host and user fields. I am having
>>a conflict with regards to updating due to this. I need to
>>remove one of the primary keys so I do not have a conflict when
>>writing to the database mysql.
>>The error message is: mysql::st execute failed: Can't write,
>>duplicate key in table 'user.
>>I am new to mysql, so I am asking what is the command line needed to remove a
>>primary key from a field?
>Sorry, but this seems nonsens to me.
>Why do you want to use one 'user name' with the same 'from host'
>several times?
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