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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 7 2001 5:27pm
Subject:MySQL and Perl for the Web
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I've been mildly scolded for not announcing this somewhere,
so, on the "better late than never" principle, here goes. :-)

New Riders has published a new book called "MySQL and Perl for the Web"
(by me).  It focuses on using MySQL together with the Perl DBI and
modules to perform various kinds of Web-related tasks.  It's also got
some stuff on using mod_perl.  The book's home page is at:

where you can also find a pointer to the New Riders listing. That
listing provides access to a PDF version of one of the chapters,
which you can read to get some idea of what the rest of the book is

I'll point out that there's a review of the book on Amazon.  It's
negative.  From my point of view, the review is unsatisfactory, not
because it's negative, but because it doesn't really say what the reader
found wrong with it in any specific manner. That doesn't help me know
how it could have been improved. (Feedback that I've received privately
has been much more positive.)

I should also point out that some of the online booksellers have a
table of contents posted that is inaccurate.  Specifically, such TOCs
list a chapter on XML, but there is no such chapter. (Had one planned,
but ran out of time and energy.)

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
MySQL and Perl for the WebPaul DuBois7 Sep
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