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From:Ed Carp Date:September 7 2001 2:20pm
Subject:Re: sysdate() query and note to Mysql admin
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ryan@stripped (ryan@stripped) writes:

> now,what statement do I use to put the sysdate into the column today?
> this is NOT working
> insert into datee values(select DAYOFMONTH(sysdate()));

Of course not. "insert into datee values (Now())" will, though. Just feed it
to mysql ... ;)

Here's the JavaScript euqivalent, if that helps:

                function GetTheDate()
                        now = new Date;
                        ty = now.getYear();
                        if(ty < 1900)
                                ty = ty + 1900;
                        mo = now.getMonth();
                        mo = mo + 1;

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