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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 23 1999 5:09pm
Subject:64-bit Dates in MySQL
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>>>>> "Van" == Van  <vanboers@stripped> writes:

Van> Monty,
Van> How do you get around the 32-bit date limitation upper limit of 2038/01/19
Van> 03:14:07 GMT in MySQL?  I'm trying to write some c routines that will
Van> create the same output the the date_add('2038:01:19 03:14:07 GMT',interval
Van> 1 second) function would produce.  I notice in
Van> /usr/src/mysql-3.22.19b/mysys/mf_getdate.c that you use the tm struct for
Van> your calculations.  How are you getting this accomplished?
Van> Regards,
Van> Van


MySQL has own date calculation for almost everything;  Only storing
and retrieving of timestamps depends on the time() and localtime().

You can find the functions in sql/ and sql/


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