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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 6 2001 7:32pm
Subject:Re: Password error
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Mike Ryerse wrote:

> I have resently installed mysql 3.23.41 on Redhat 7.1
> When I installed it, I could access the example
> databases 'mysql' and 'test'.  Mysql said to change
> the root password right away with :
> mysqladmin -h host -u root -p password 'new password'

THis will fail since there was no password, so
you probably still have no password for root.

The manual has a section that explains how to reset the
root password if you have forgotten it.

> so I did it, but now mysql won't let me log in as any
> user, not even root.
> I have tried to re-install with rpm -i --force, and
> uninstall with rpm -e, neither will change the
> permissions of mysql.
> What should I do?
> -Mike Ryerse
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Gerald L. Clark

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