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From:Ed Carp Date:September 6 2001 1:53pm
Subject:RE: ANN: EMS MySQL Manager
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> Does your message mean we'll see no more Escapade announcements on
> this list? That would be unfortunate, but by the same token, should
> the EMS client become available in a Linux version, an announcement on
> this list might be of interest to several of the readers.

No, simply because we don't sell Escapade - it's a freebie.  You can go out
and download it right now, in fact - no credit card needed, etc. Free
download, free upgrades, free help. The engine is not where we make any
money at all. Just because it's not OpenSource doesn't mean it's for sale.
It's not a teaser product that you have to buy something else to make it
work, it's not crippleware, it's not even expireware anymore. Free, free,
FREE. Call me altruistic - maybe it's just my way of saying "thank you" to
all the folks out there (including you, Paul) that have done so much to make
MySQL the great, free database that it is. When we first started working on
the engine, I jumped up and down to make it free and keep it free, and
that's the way it will stay. It was a useful tool for me, and it's turned
out to be a useful tool for a lot of other people, too.

On the other hand, I didn't see any free downloads for the EMS product. It
seems like it's completely "for profit", and I resent the list used for
trying to sell software.

We even have a free version of a script that does what PHPMyAdmin does -
completely written in Escapade. It's *one* Escapade script, not a bunch of
PHP scripts and shell scripts like PHPMyAdmin is. It works, it does
everything I do in my day-to-day MySQL maintenance, and you know what, Paul?
It's also free. The only reason we haven't put out an announcement is
because we're busy putting the graphics together so it looks nice :)

I have no problem people posting announcements of free stuff to the list.
But I draw the line at stuff that people want me to pay money for - I get
enough of that in email.  But that's just my opinion - others no doubt have
different opinions.

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