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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 6 2001 1:30pm
Subject:Re: ANN: EMS MySQL Manager
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At 6:54 AM -0500 9/6/01, Ed Carp wrote:
>Igor Brynskich (bryns@stripped) writes:
>>  First, thanks to everyone who interested in our product -- EMS MySQL
>>  Manager -- and answered to our previous announce!
>>  This message intended for shed light on some questions regarding EMS MySQL
>>  Manager.
>>  On which operating system does MySQL Manager works?
>>  Currently, MySQL Manager works on Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 operating
>>  systems. Linux version will be available soon.
>>  How much does EMS MySQL Manager costs?
>>  Complete price list you can find at
>Q. Why should I pay $95 for your product when I can download and use 
>PHPMyAdmin (or any number of other products) for free?

Legitimate question.  A feature comparison could be usefl.

>Q. Why should I pay a lot of attention to a company who spams a 
>technical list in order to sell product under the guise of 
>"answering questions"?

I didn't read it as being under any "guise", and the message does contain
technical information (works under Windows, Linux users have to wait; it's
obviously not free).

Does your message mean we'll see no more Escapade announcements on
this list? That would be unfortunate, but by the same token, should
the EMS client become available in a Linux version, an announcement on
this list might be of interest to several of the readers.

It's certainly a more appropriate message than the perennial "why can't
this list use [mysql] in the header so I can filter my mail?" :-)

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Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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