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From:Fraser MacKenzie Date:March 23 1999 7:17pm
Subject:Re: database backups
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locking a table would provide a problem if all of the tables interacted.
You would have to lock all interacting tables together and then do it.  I
just use mysqldump 4 times a day to provide my backup needs.


On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Ed Carp wrote:

> >DJ> Has anyone out there figured out a good way to do database backups
> without
> >DJ> shutting down the database?  We are starting a 24 X 7 (international)
> >DJ> service and are trying to figure out the best way to backups without
> >
> >It depends on what your backups are for.  Are they for archival
> >purposes or are they for emergency recovery?
> >
> >If they are for archival purposes, then you probably will need to turn
> >off the updates and make your copy, otherwise you'll end up with an
> >inconsistent set of data, potentially.
> >
> >If your backups are for emergency recovery, then you really should
> >consider putting your data on a RAID of some sort.  Exactly which type
> >of RAID to use depends on your budget and performance and safety
> >requirements.  Seeing as how you have a 24x7 operation going (don't we
> >all these days?) this is probably the way to go for you.
> Another alternative would be to write a small C program that would emulate
> what mysqldump does, but lock the table in question, dump the data record,
> then undo the lock and sleep for X milliseconds, to allow the database to
> have access to the table the majority of the time.  Another alternative
> would be to hack mysqldump to do the same thing.
> As for the potential to lose data consistency, see section 5.4 of the manual
> for a related discussion on record locking and commit-rollback.  Sections
> 7.23 and 10.10 talk about table locking.
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