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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 5 2001 1:53pm
Subject:Re: Can't connect to source
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Read the manual, especially the section on the GRANT command.

Roland Thompson wrote:

> Hi,
> I've just started playing about with MySQL. I created a database called
> 'haworth', no problem there, then created a table called 'list'.
> I put 3 entries in it, and checked it using
> SELECT * FROM list;
> It showed all the records fine. The MySQL server is running on NT, and I can
> connect remotely by using the following statement.
> Mysql -h x -u root -p
> X being the IP address of my server. This works fine on any computer I tried
> it on.
> I then installed MyODBC on a Win2000 computer. All went well, then I setup
> the link to the database.
> But when I tried to access it, I got the following message.
> for user: '@MAILSERVER' To database 'roland'" - 00000414
> I then reset the link to the test database, and tried again, this worked
> fine.
> Do I need to setup something else on the server so I can access the
> database?
> Some help would be appreciated, as I'm about to throw the computer out of
> the window!!!
> Thanks
> Roland
> Manchester, England
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Gerald L. Clark

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