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From:Anders Callertun Date:July 26 1999 11:16pm
Subject:SV: age
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>>SELECT FLOOR((TO_DAYS("1999-7-24")-TO_DAYS("1972-1-1"))/365.25);
>SELECT FLOOR((TO_DAYS("1999-7-26")-TO_DAYS("1998-7-26"))/365.25);
>Not really correct. How about implementing a proper AGE() function into mySQL
>by TCX ?

How about a DATE_DIFF(date1,date2,expr type) as a cross between PERIOD_DIFF()
and DATE_SUB()? Beeing used to Sybase's only five, but very flexible date
functions, MySQL's more than 30 functions are quite limited...
On the other hand, MySQL's limited fee, more than makes up for it... :-)

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