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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 4 2001 10:09pm
Subject:Re: Query Help
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At 4:42 PM -0500 9/4/01, Islam, Sharif wrote:
>I have this two table.
>ID  Name    Phone             someother fileds....
>1   Bob	1234
>2   Joe     5678
>3   Mary    5678
>4   John   6789
>ID Name    Email
>1  Bob     bob@stripped
>2  Joe     blough@stripped
>3  John    john@
>the query :
>select t1.Name, t1.Phone , t2.Email from t1,t2 where works
>But I want to display all the names. Table2 doesn't have all the names, so
>for example mary is missing , because she doesn't have email address. I want
>to display all the info about everyone, regardless if they have email
>address or not. Is that make sense? Any hint.

Use a LEFT JOIN to force the output to contain a row for every record
in t1, whether or not t2 contains a match:

select t1.Name, t1.Phone , t2.Email from t1 LEFT JOIN t2 ON

The value of t2.Email for t1 rows with no match in t2 will be NULL.


Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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