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From:Gerald Clark Date:September 4 2001 2:39pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Data problem...
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ISD and ISM files are not portable across platforms.
THe proper way to transfer these files is to mysqldump the database, and
run the output through mysql on the target machine.

MYD and MYI files, however are platform independant.
You could also convert to this format before copying to a new machine.

Brian E. Lozier wrote:

> Well I made quite the mistake and I'm hoping someone can help me out!
> I had a RH Linux 6.1 box running MySQL (not exactly sure what version anymore).  I
> took all the 
> files from the mysql/data directory and backed them up.  Then I wiped the server and
> installed 
> FreeBSD.  I then installed the latest version of MySQL.  I then dropped all the
> backup files 
> into the mysql/data directory on the new machine.  Surprise, surprise - only the
> table 
> definitions and some random data was extracted from the files (not the full
> database).  The old 
> files are *.frm, *.ISD, and *.ISM; the new files are *.frm, *.MYD, and *.MYI if that
> makes a 
> difference.
> So I then installed MySQL on my windows box and am having the same problems (was
> going to do a 
> mysqldump if it worked).  However, I can open up the files and SEE the data I want to
> get to 
> with a text editor (garbled but it's there).
> I'm wondering, is there any possible way to get this data out of these files?  It's
> very 
> important :(  The only other option I see is re-installing RH Linux 6.1, trying to
> figure out 
> which version of MySQL I had installed, installing it, then trying a dump on the data
> (if it 
> works).  I really, really hope I don't have to do that.
> Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!
> Brian
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