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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:September 4 2001 1:44pm
Subject:3.23 and DELETRE FROM very long.
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  With  3.22  I  used to do some queries like "DELETE FROM TABLE". And
  this was very rapid as Mysql only deletes and re-create the files.

  I  knew  that  DELETE  was  very  long with InnoDB because it has to
  clear all the table space used by the table from which you DELETE.

  But I'm surprised to see that it's very long with MyISAM too !

  When   I   do   a  "DELETE  FROM TABLE" (without any where) on a big
  table,  it  takes  many  minutes.  And if I look at the table files,
  while the table is empty, the files are still very big.

  The only way to reduce space used by the table is OPTIMIZE.

  Is this normal ? Is this a difference between ISAM an MyISAM ? I saw
  no notice about that in the documentation ...


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