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From:Vivek Khera Date:March 23 1999 6:31pm
Subject:Re: database backups
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>>>>> "DJ" == David Johnson <davej@stripped> writes:

DJ> Has anyone out there figured out a good way to do database backups without
DJ> shutting down the database?  We are starting a 24 X 7 (international)
DJ> service and are trying to figure out the best way to backups without

It depends on what your backups are for.  Are they for archival
purposes or are they for emergency recovery?

If they are for archival purposes, then you probably will need to turn 
off the updates and make your copy, otherwise you'll end up with an
inconsistent set of data, potentially.

If your backups are for emergency recovery, then you really should
consider putting your data on a RAID of some sort.  Exactly which type 
of RAID to use depends on your budget and performance and safety
requirements.  Seeing as how you have a 24x7 operation going (don't we 
all these days?) this is probably the way to go for you.


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