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From:Christian Mack Date:July 26 1999 6:59pm
Subject:Re: Flaky insert operations***
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Govind Shridhare wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Good morning.
> This is a revised repost.
> I am having this strange insert problem with my Perl and DBI scripts
> interfacing with MySQL.
> Here is the scoop.
> I have a tab delimited file consisting of several rows of data. Each row has
> a field called "content" with a file name which causes my script to read
> that file insert all the text in a database table.
> So for example, I might have 50 tab delimited rows in my data file.
> When I am going through my loop trying to data into the table, the insert
> operation seems to be sensitive to the order of rows in my data file that I
> am reading! Sometimes The rows are not inserted and if I move those rows up
> in the order in my data file (like number 1 or 2), they seem to work!
> Example
> id      content
> 1       test.htm
> 2       test2.htm
> 3       test3.htm
> ...
> 50      test30.htm
> Now somehow test12.htm may not get inserted but if I move it up then it
> works!
> I know I must be missing something...
> Any suggestions are really appreciated.
> Thanks a lot.

Hi Govind

As you read additional files in one of your columns, there is perhaps a permission problem
with these files.
Or you haven't escaped any special characters like <TAB> in these files.

Hope this helps

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