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From:Steve Edberg Date:August 30 2001 10:21pm
Subject:Re: Installation on Solaris questions
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At 12:30 PM -0700 8/30/01, Sujay Daniel wrote:
>I'm a newbie to Unix and MySQL. I have a few
>With 'uname -a' I got the following message
>SunOS xxxx@stripped 5.7 Generic_106541-06 sun4u sparc
>Can i install mysql-3.23.41-sun-solaris2.8-sparc in
>Theres no installation instructions for Unix/Solaris
>machines in the Documentation page.

Evidently you didn't see

I'd suspect using a 2.8 binary on a 2.7 system might cause problems, 
but it shouldn't hurt to test it...

There are also older binaries (including some for Solaris 2.7) at

Lastly, you could always compile it yourself from source...t'aint that hard!


>I'd appreciate it
>if someone can give me pointers on installing MySql on
>a Sun Solaris machine
>Thank you
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