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From:Chris Trown Date:July 26 1999 5:46pm
Subject:Converting DATETIME to DATE, TIME
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     This relates to the question I asked last week about indexing, functions,
etc... on datetime fields

     I'm thinking about changing one of the column definitions.  Currently it
is a DATETIME and I would like to change it to two columns defined as DATE and 
TIME.  After a bit of tinkering with ALTER on a test table, it seems to me that
the only way to do that is to dump the table, drop it, recreate the table then 
pass it through a PERL script that splits off the two fields.

     That the only way?

     Alternatively, I could just drop an index on the DATETIME field and use a
lot of between-type queries.  That seems a little klunky though.

     I'm reluctant to make any changes to theis table as it is rather large and
resides on a slow machine with just a SCSI-2 disk.

     Anybody ever face this sort of dilemma?



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