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From:Thimble Smith Date:July 26 1999 3:18pm
Subject:Re: slow?
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At 08:54, 19990726, jice@stripped wrote:
>I recently installed mysql on a solaris 7/sparc 5 to host a database of
>address.  Using perl, DBD::mysql to parse text files containing 30,000+
>address and then insert into the database.  It's all pretty straight
>forward.  But, there is something that seems to me really strange.
>The perl script starts off parsing the text files at a acceptably fast
>rate.  When it gets around the 1500 address it's moving pretty slow.
>i let it run over the weekend and came in Monday morning to find that it
>was still running at a rate of 1 line inserted about ever 20 secs.  I was
>wondering if this is a problem with this port of mysql or perl or how i
>code.  I've also done something similar to what i described but ran mysql
>on a Linux machine and inserted 2.5 million lines that needed a much more
>complicated parsing script, and i had much faster results.  Any incite or
>suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Joe, are you running out of memory?  One thing you could try is to have
your perl script write out a data file (tab separated data) instead of
do the inserts.  Then you could load that file with LOAD DATA INFILE in
MySQL.  See which one is slow.

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