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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 27 2001 4:23pm
Subject:Re: selecting what is not in something
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At 9:38 AM -0600 8/27/01, Jeff Shipman - SysProg wrote:
>I have two tables and that have a couple of
>identical columns. I would like to find out
>what of a certain column is in one table and
>not in another. I've tried the following, but
>I get errors:
>select col1 from tab1 where col1 not in (select col1 from tab2);
>select tab1.col1 from tab1,tab2 where tab1.col1 not in tab2;
>Please tell me how I can do this type of


SELECT tab1.col1 FROM tab1 LEFT JOIN tab2 ON tab1.col1 = tab2.col1
WHERE tab2.col1 IS NULL

tab2.col1 must be declared as NOT NULL for this to work.

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