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From:Jerry Preeper Date:August 23 2001 7:47pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD and multiple daemons
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>also try enabling the slow-log and track down any long queries.

just did that, so we'll go through that now, there are some in there...

>Have you tuned any of the cache parameters for the large amount of
>memory you have?

yes, we have done extensive tuning.  Is there something I can provide to
see how are changes might be affecting this?

>What options were used to compile MySQL?  

/configure  --localstatedir=/var/db/mysql --without-debug --without-bench
--with-low-memory --with-libwrap --enable-assembler --with-berkeley-db

Also, I don't know if this matters, but are there any general rules of
thumb on the size of the mysql daemon on FreeBSD?  Right now it shows 164MB
according to this line from top
21366 mysql      58   0   164M   146M RUN    1  32.5H 57.32% 57.32% mysqld


>> I'm having a problem with my server getting bogged down once in a
>while and
>> I'm pretty sure it's due to the mysql daemon getting maxed out with
>what it
>> can do... when this happens there might be anywhere from 100 to 150
>> processes in the processlist and it might take as much as 30 seconds
>> return a query via a web browser.  When it happens mysql is usually
>> almost 100% cpu, but load stays around 1.3 to 1.5.  I'm running
>> 4.3-Release and mysql 3.23.40   We recently upgraded both because of
>> of the past comments about the sleeping threads on the list in
>> older versions.  The server is dual P3-1G, 1g ram with SCSI drives
>> single channel raid card.
>> Is there a very stable way to run multiple daemons on FreeBSD?  A
>howto or
>> some such thing that might describe setting it up.  I can run the
>memory up
>> to 4g on the machine if necessary to handle the extra memory
>> Also, are there changes I'll have to make to my apps that use mysql
>to deal
>> with this?  I searched the list for multiple daemons and didn't find
>> there, maybe I'm using the wrong keywords to search for.  Any
>pointers or
>> help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Jerry

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