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From:jonathan michaels Date:March 23 1999 11:59am
Subject:mysql on beos
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hello, forst let me say thank you to all who responded in 
private email regarding my questions about books and several 
other itmes, thank all very much, it has been most helpfull. 

now on to another 'fantacy', er approach fro mysql.

i will shortly have a working pentium pro that will amongst 
other things dual boot freebsd v3.1-release and beos v4.0 (and 
v4.1 when the cd finally eventuates, thanks be, inc).

has anybody runing a bebox, or beos on a mac of some sort or
even beos on an intel of some description actually thought about
or tried to compile the mysql sources using teh beos supplied egcs 
1.?.? development kit.

i'm not real good at porting, and know less about c than i 
really should, i realise it can be a nightmarish task, given 
all of that i'm still keen to have a go and was wondering if 
anyone else would like to join in the insanity, er, ummm, 
learning experience .. grin.

of course all bets are off if mysql actually exists fro beos, i 
did look and found no leads, but ti i possible to (fairly 
easly) fool this old dog with a few new tricks.



Jonathan Michaels
PO Box 144, Rosebery, NSW 1445 Australia

mysql on beosjonathan michaels23 Mar